February winner of our monthly sweepstake!

Client Tiffany, who rented the white on white double eggback won a free throne chair rental, valued at $260.

Every month, we giveaway a free throne chair rental to one client. The drawing was on Sunday, March 1, 2020. We thank all the clients who entered to win.

Each entry is assigned a number.

Entries receive bonus number for:

  • Sharing their post and encouraging people to vote for them.

  • Refer a client to us

All Boston Throne Chairs/Throne Rental clients are eligible to enter and must have a throne chair in their picture. Unless the client's event hasn't occurred yet but the client already booked and paid in full. If they win, they'll be able to use their free rental for a future booking.

Tiffany's work!

Did you get the chance to catch up on our end of the year videos? Check out our Youtube channel to see more videos.

All Boston Throne Chairs, LLC clients are eligible to win a free throne rental

every month. Enter here.

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