Gratitude Sunday- Feb 2nd

On Sundays, we thank all our clients, vendors and partners who contributed to our growth the week prior. On the first day of the month, on Saturday, February 1st, we had our drawing for the monthly throne rental giveaway. We had 11 entries and #62 was the winner. We encourage clients to enter the monthly giveaway, your number might be the one next month.

We also gave away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to Mr. Joseph Toledo and family. They went above and beyond for Boston Throne Chairs. They referred us clients from their community, engaged and shared our content. This was without prompt and we're beyond grateful.

Furthermore, we'd like to highlight all the people who made last week amazing:


Shine Bright Event Planning

Dolls of Beautiful Shades

Whitman Wellness Center

Sweepstakes contestants

#02 Ciara and family

#03, #19, Elisandra and party

#04, #18 Veronica and family

#05 Rose and family

#06 Trendie and family

#07, 16, 39, 70 Mr. Joseph Toledo and family

#08 Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins

#09 Monica Cosby and family

#10 Tiffany Martinez and party

#11 Jade'Gray and family

Poll participants who received entries to the drawing

#12 Tricia C.

#21 Andyna M.

Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card

Mr. Joseph Toledo and family

Your time, your effort, your business was a present to us.

All Boston Throne Chairs, LLC clients are eligible to win a free throne rental, every month. Enter here.

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