Information for our customers

1. Throne chair covers are $199.99

They are a patent-pending product, created by the founder of Boston Throne. They come in black or clear vinyl fabric. They are in stock and shipped within 7 days. Order on Facebook or our site (The attached video is to show you what clear throne covers look like on a black throne. It’s purposely wrinkled to show you, it’s a cover being sold, not a chair. They’re being sold on gold/white thrones at this time.)

2. NEW Throne chairs start at $899.99 and up, plus tax and shipping rate.

You choose your color/style and we issue you a quote

Throne chairs are ordered and delivered every 3-4 months.

Send your exact order to or fill out the order form on

Please note: If anyone offers you new throne chairs for $199, it’s most likely a scam. We do not sell throne chairs for $199. Never!

3. Throne Chair Rentals and other Rentals go through

Book online or call us 508-417-8336 to assist you on booking online.

We will book for you on PayPal, for an additional fee of $15/booking.

4. All other booking inquiries, fill out the pop up form on

5. Consultation on throne chair business go directly to the founder of Boston Throne Chairs, LLC, Marie Stuart Noel on her website

Part 2 of her book is coming next month. We’ll list the link on all platforms, for convenience.

6. USED Throne chairs are sold occasionally, and are listed on Facebook ONLY.

7. We recycle broken down throne chairs: Meaning we buy back ripped, completely broken down throne chairs and ship them back to the retailer to be refurbished entirely. We do not personally sell clients refurbished thrones.

8. We offer throne chair tutorials on YouTube

9. Buy throne chair care items here

10. Vendors who sign up and participate in the testing program of our site,, will receive a cash incentive of $1000.

11. Due to COVID-19, we no longer have a physical store in Whitman, Randolph or anywhere else. Unfortunately, we continue to work with google to remove our old addresses online. All our staffing work from home.

We respect and appreciate your business. You’ve trusted us since 2018. We want to keep our promises to you.

Replies may be longer than usual due to the many changes in staff roles and vendor relationships.

We appreciate you as the company goes through these transitions. Changes can cause confusion and we’re here to assist any way we can. We thank you for your patience as we work on streamlining our processes, to bring you better customer experience and retention.

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