Painting a badly stained throne chair

We're painting a gold trim, white throne chair. This chair is very distintive with a cross in the middle.

An event planner asked for help, after her gold/white throne was damaged. I put this video together to show how to paint a badly stained throne.

When the video was first recorded, I didn't notice that the frame was so narrow. I hope you're still able to follow along.

Here are the instructions and a list of the items I used. All of these items can be found on Amazon. Create your Amazon Business account to get started.

  1. Cover the frame of the chair with painter's tape or a lint roller tape on a card board.

  2. Wear protective gears like gloves

  3. Vacuum the area with a handheld vacuum

  4. Then wash the area with mild soap and water

  5. Dry the area with a microfiber cloth

  6. Apply Furniture Clinic Large Leather Care Kit with sponge

  7. Spray paint with Rust-oleum 2x paint and primer Satin Heirloom white

  8. After 24 hours, springle the area with baby powder

  9. Rub the baby power with cornstarch, in a circular motion, to prevent tackiness. Clean excess baby powder with paper towel

  10. Dip q-tips in nail polish remover to remove any paint that might have gotten on the golden nail buttons. Use dry end of the q-tip to polish the buttons.

  11. Make sure the paint is blended evenly and there's no tackiness before removing painter's tape.

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